Monday, January 26, 2009

Joao & Vera

Joao, Vera and their three children live in very sad and poor conditions. Dark, dusty, a mostly empty refrigerator (few items in there probably just to keep the bugs out) that is very rusty and barely working and their beds are what makes up this shanty home. On January 9, 2009 construction materials were delivered to them to build their house. Their home, made of pieces of scrap wood and metals hopefully soon will be no longer. Vera and her children seem to be sickly each time we visit. Looking at their environment it's understandable. Two friends and neighbors are helping Joao build his house. They are unemployed, Vera will make some meals in exchange for the labor. One of the helper's asked if we could help him by buying him a mattress. This was so disturbing because I couldn't imagine where he was sleeping if he had no mattress. Of course we purchased a simple mattress for R$60. He was happy. Pictures of the construction of the walls of the house was taken on Sunday, January 25. It is coming along.

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oceana said...

So very sad:( You are doing such wonderful things to help these lovely people. You have such a big heart.