Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update on Joao's house

Slowly, Joao and Vera's house is getting built. It has taken longer than Daniel's. Daniel did most of the work on his own house. Joao has had some difficulty, he does not know how to build a house. He hired a man for meals and a little money to help him when Joao had work, and this person was not always available. Also there was a problem of some missing blocks. Joao was terribly upset and was crying that someone had stolen some blocks. It is such a desperate situation there. We had some funds left and we were able to replace the missing blocks. Daniel offered to help Joao build his house, he said "I was helped and now I will help." Over the next few days Daniel will be available. They will at least complete a room so the family can move back into the house and no more blocks will be stolen. Joao's outside kitchen, as shown here will be a thing of the past (first picture). Of course he has to purchase an oven and a refrigerator. Hopefully we can raise some money for this. Now that we are in the USA for a while we asked a friend to take pictures of the house as it develops.