Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012

I haven't posted in quite sometime. The last time we went to Cascalheira was November of 2011, distributing all kinds of clothes and toys. This time in March we did not go because we did not have anything to give out. As much as we wanted to see the people, especially the children we couldn't go without bringing anything. It's always been that we helped out. However, we received word via someone that a mother of 5 children has moved into the village and if we could help out with a tank of cooking gas for her. We decided to meet Fia with some of her children and grand children at the gas company. The woman receiving the gas is Fia's daughter who could not meet us because she had an opportunity to do some work, mixing concrete by hand on a construction site far away.

We were delighted to see the children and meet a couple of the new ones. We purchased the tank of gas and we all had ice cream in town.

I want to thank each and everyone who has helped out with donations of clothing and money in the past. I am at this time taking down the Paypal donation box here on this blog. It was a wonderful great few years of helping out some people in Cascalheira.
Blessings and Obrigada!