Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dolls and clothes

Remember when we gave dolls to the little girls? Well, Kelli was kind enough to post on her blog the need for brown dolls for brown children. The above three photos are the dolls that have been received so far.

The first one is personalized with a note in Portuguese to the little girl who will receive her. She also has fairy wings on her back. The second one, from Sorrow's 11 year old with a note, " this is from my little angel (11years) to one of the angels in Brazil". The third is Miranda, beautifully handmade by Jo. Thank you Sue, Sorrow and Jo. These dolls are beautiful.

Thank you Lisione for the box of children's clothes that arrived. So many great shirts, dresses, pants and shorts.

It's always difficult with the young boys and men, we don't usually have enough to give to them. Pete donated a bunch of tshirts and some shorts. Thanks Pete!

All these items will go into the box that we will ship. It was a success last year and it arrived in time for us to distribute everything. We can pack quite a lot of things into this box.

If you would like to donate brown dolls, summer clothes or money, please email me at Money donation information is on the side panel of this blog.

Thanks to all of you.

Hope you're having a nice summer.