Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday's Outing

We arranged with Fia and Daniel to meet at 8:00 AM on Saturday to take their children, Ataniel (11), Estefane (10), Daniela (9) and Simone (4) for an outing. Salvador Shopping Mall had a ropes course and a climbing wall set up for children, we thought this would be fun for them. Ataniel and Daniela completed it. Estefane climbed up and then came back down because she was afraid of the height, at least she tried.

Then we headed over to the bookstore. The children's section is set up very nicely with small tables and chairs and the books can be looked at. Simone liked the little chair to sit on. I was very surprised at the high prices of books in Brazil. It seems that only a certain group of people can purchase books. Literacy needs to be promoted here. It seems like a big business instead. Unless I am not aware of something, this does not seem right.

Next, shoe store. Ataniel got sneakers and the girls sandals. Oh, they were so happy.

Lunch at the food court, then ice cream.

Going up on the elevator was very scary to Estefane, she hugged me and buried her head into me. Clearly she is afraid of heights. The others looked through the window and watched as we were going down.

Later we stopped at the candy shop. They each filled their bag with 10 pieces of candy.

The escalator was the best. At first they stepped on it unsure and held on tight to our hands and handrail. We cruised through the mall going up and down. It didn't take long for them to grasp it. At the end we let them go up and down several times by themselves, except for little Simone.

On the way back home we stopped at the airport watching the planes taking off and landing.

Sueli was incredibly helpful with the children. Whenever we go to Cascalheira she comes with us, so she knows everyone and knows what we are doing.

We brought home four very tired and awestruck children. Fia and Daniel were very thankful.

Bobby and I enjoyed being with these wonderful, gentle and well behaved little children. We hope to continue to do whatever we can. Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Dolls for Little Dolls

Wish we could have found dolls that had darker hair and darker skin for the little girls in Cascalheira. These were the only ones available in the store. Nevertheless, the girls were happy to hold their own doll. A whole, complete new toy. Not in pieces. Not broken old toys. It was so sweet and special to watch each little girl hold her new doll. They are very gentle and loving and it shows in the handling of their dolls.

As always, thank you to all of you who donated. Please keep donations coming. Any amount is very welcomed.

A note on picture #7. These are two sisters. The doll belongs to the little one, Simone, who is looking to her doll. She is not upset, although it looks that way. She is just making sure her doll is there. How cute is that?