Monday, May 26, 2008

Before/After Daniel & Fia's House

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Before/After Daniel & Fia's House

How amazing is this before and after picture. He did it. Daniel built his family a little house. The rainy season (fall and winter) is starting. They have a proper house with a roof. No more shanty house. He will finish the floor with concrete. The doors and windows will have to wait until more funds are raised. Thank you to all who believed and cared. Let's continue to help the next family. Hugs and love to all.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cascalheira Needs Help!
Cascalheira consists of more than 70 homes, and is growing. In Brazil there is something called "invasion". What the poor people do is invade the land. They move onto it and set up their shanty homes. Sometimes they tap into electricity and water nearby. If the property owner has financial issues where taxes are not paid or is about to loose the land due to delinquent payments, the government allows the invadors (squatters) to legally stay on the property. Eventually they have legal electricity and water connected and they start receiving bills. There are so many poor people in Brazil that for a lot of them this is a way of acquiring their home. Sueli, wanted to show us Cascalheira. She also lives in another "invaded" area. She has worked very hard to improve her life. We want to help these people in Cascalheira. Perhaps you will join us?

This is a typical home in Cascalheira.

They need opportunities, they need a chance.

This grandmother wanted to show me her stove.It is next to her, it's a cinder block and a piece of metal.

She asked me for a used sheet for her bed. She lives with three little grandchildren.

Bare little feet. The children asked for flip flops. Also notebooks and pens for school.

It was fun to show digital pictures of the little girls of themselves. They wanted pictures taken over and over again of each other....they giggled a lot.

Sueli with some of the Cascalheira children at a small center that Regina, a wonderful person is starting for the children. We donated powdered milk and bottled water. They need so much more.