Monday, July 20, 2009

Another season.....

Another season has passed. Some good things happened along the way. We have made a difference in some people's lives. Even if it was for a few moments, or a day or perhaps longer. Lifting spirits, putting smiles on faces that were not there before, bricks to help build, notebooks and pencils for school, ice pops for a few minutes, sneakers for unshoed feet, packages of food for some families, lots of powdered milk desperately needed, an outing for some children...all this and more has brought possible hope to some. There were many who donated. Thank you for your care.

It is time again to collect. We will do some raffles. Baskets with some goods in it will be raffled off. Please, look and see if you have anything that was gifted to you and you will not use it but will be a nice item for a gift basket. Or if you like to purchase something, that will be nice too. Books, herbal teas, lotion, pretty napkins, note cards, etc. If you are local, I can pick it up. If not you can mail it to me:

Jessica Torok Brown
P.O. Box 249
Mill Neck, NY 11765

Of course donations are always welcomed. Any amount! Yes even $1 would be very much appreciated. Just slip it into an envelope and send it. Please! Thank you. Obrigado!