Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cesta Basicas--Food Baskets

Wednesday, January 14 we delivered 12 food packages, "cesta basicas". As usual it is difficult to decide who gets one. We have been alternating, one month one list the next month another list. This time, with Sueli's help we had to be more specific, informing the people if they have a job to please do not receive one and allow the ones who truly need it. They were cooperative, standing by in case they had a chance for one. Honestly, they all need it. Food should never be denied to anyone. We are so grateful for the ones who have been donating so this program can continue. All donations are always welcome. Each food package is about US $10, depending on the exchange. Obrigado!


Veronica TM said...

look at all those sweet faces!
it must be hard to make those kinds of decisions, but i applaud you, jessica, like always, for the beautiful work you are doing.

jessica said...

thank you veronica.