Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Supplies

In Brazil the school year begins in February. This year we did something different. Our neighbor's housekeeper, Chris lives in Cascalheira. We know her and like her very much and she wanted to help. She made a list of the children who live in the village. If there are 4 children in the family, 2 would receive school supplies. Unfortunatley we are unable to help everyone so this was a very good idea. Also, knowing if the child was male or female helped, so we could buy the appropriate design of the cover of the notebook. We made it special for them so they did have very nice notebooks. Pencil, colored pencils, pen, pencil sharpener and eraser was also included. About 25 children received school supplies. We also brought cookies and juice boxes for the ones who would not receive school supplies.
Chris and Sueli were great at organizing them into two lines, one line for school supplies and the other for cookies and juice. It worked very well. First we gave out the cookies and juices. Some of the kids tried to sneak over to the cookies line and I offered them a choice of which line to be on, very quickly they were back on the school supply line.

Thank you to those who made this possible. Obrigado!


oceana said...

wow, how special for these sweet little children. you and everyone who donated has made such a difference for them.

jessica said...

giving them a little opportunity feels really nice.

Gina said...

You are such a gift to this world.