Saturday, December 12, 2009

Donation Box Going to Brazil

A large box is being shipped to Bahia. It is filled with used toys, shoes and clothes. It should arrive in Brazil within 4 months. I hope this is true, since we are there until April. Being that the items are used, no custom charges will be applied once it arrives in Brazil. This is the first time sending a box by ship. It arrives at a port in Sao Paulo and it is trucked to the different locations, in this case to Salvador. Thank you Alison for allowing it to arrive to your address in Salvador. Thanks to everyone who donated items into the box, O, P, B, G, Dolphin Store. Also, thank you for the financial donations which helps ship the box, $200. It certainly will be a happy moment when we bring the goods to the village.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica:) I actually left a comment for you on the Give It To Me Raw website, but my name is Whitney Howell,I live in New York,and I am looking for any opportunity or work exchange some where raw tropical, warm, and pure:) Do you have any ideas or know of any opportunities available out there:) Thanks.

jessica said...

hi whitney,
i was not able to leave a comment on your blog. not sure if you'll get this. thanks for your response here. i don't specifically know of any work exchange.
hope you'll find something.