Thursday, March 12, 2009

Children of Cascalheira and Projeto TAMAR

Last Saturday we took six children of Cascalheira to Projeto TAMAR in Praia do Forte. It was prearranged with TAMAR and we had our own educational guide. He was great with the kids. To see the children out of their very poor and sad element was touching. They were able to run around, touch a stingray, view other sea animals such as sharks, turtles and different fish. Before going into TAMAR we had lunch. What a bunch of hungry little ones. Later walking through town we met up with some clowns who were out to make some children happy. Of course ending the day with ice-cream was special. A fabulous day we all had. Our dear friend Sueli has been incredible, by now she too knows the children and being from the same area she has been tremendously helpful. It truly felt very good to make a difference in some children's lives, even if it was for one day.


Ecodea said...

What a fun day! Great pics!

AkuTyger said...

I love those turtle egg things!

Gina said...

Those are amazing photographs.

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Wonderful pictures!
Happy Easter :)


Di said...

What a wonderful outing for the kids! Fun!