Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raising Money

We are so grateful for the monies we were gifted with for our wedding. All of it will be donated to the needs of Cascalheira. At this time our travel plans for Brazil are for October. We are looking forward to seeing these gentle people, the children, new babies and how Fia and Daniel are doing in their new home. There will be much to do. It's always overwhelming, the need is huge.

"Clean water and health care and school and food and tin roofs, all of these things should constitute a set of basics that people must have as birthrights." Dr. Paul Farmer.
Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder



African Kelli said...

Jessica! My goodness. I didn't know you were getting married. And look how your altruism will help the world. Congratulations my friend!
(And what a beautiful photo)

jessica said...

thank you kelli for all.

Gina said...

Congratulations to a beautiful couple! And you kind heart which always beams so brightly no matter what the situation. Cheers.